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Central Brisbane flooded

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Flooding has hit central Brisbane after a massive rainstorm. The weather pattern is expected to dump more than 50mm of rain across parts of the city, continuing the incredible run of rain for 2008 that is filling the southeast's dams. An ASTONISHING TW0-AND-A-HALF MONTHS SUPPLY OF WATER fell in the states dams overnight. The dams have been inundated with an extra 12 months of water already in 2008. Rain and flash floods have inundated and damaged many roads around the central coast and the state's south-east corner in the past few days. On the Gold Coast yesterday, a 15m section of road collapsed on the Isle of Capri.

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Parts of the Gold Coast could be 'washed away' after a long list of Brisbane bureaucratic bungles has led to flood danger across the city. The weather bureau has predicted more heavy rain over the next few weeks with heavy rain tipped for today. Torrential rain has raised the Hinze Dam's water level to 1.8m above the spillway. The Gold Coast Mayor had been lobbying for the Queensland Water Commission to cut water restrictions back to level 2 to relieve pressure on the catchment. "If the weather continues like it has, with more rain, then the Gold Coast will flood. I am very worried about that basin with the king tides and more rain flushing it out and affecting homes." Gold Coast would be a 'washout' if the rain continues and tides peak on Friday."I have been saying this since 2000 when council was doing its flawed flood modelling. If the rains continue and the tides remain we could see a smaller version of 1974 when flood waters devastated the Gold Coast. Since then we have developed on flood plains. We need to release the water and make sure that Gold Coast properties aren't washed out." Image Above: Stormwater cascading over the spillway of the Hinze Dam. Picture: Glenn Hampson.

A ONCE-IN-A-CENTURY deluge of about 300mm sparked a flash flood in the small farming community of Hannaford on Sunday night.
Image: Tara SES helped a family on Hoadley's Road, Hannaford yesterday that was affected by floodwaters.
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