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21-foot waves, 50-mph winds to Strike California

California, USA
Extremely large waves are headed toward the Central Coast and are expected to arrive today. Swells ranging from 19 to 21 feet will begin arriving this morning and will continue at that height through the afternoon. The swells have the potential to be SOME OF THE BIGGEST SEEN SINCE 1990. However, the waves are coming from the southwest, so there is little offshore buoy data to verify the forecast. The big waves will be accompanied by winds of up to 50 mph and a powerful winter storm that is expected to drop as much as 2 inches of rain over the weekend. The wind and waves are not expected to be accompanied by high tides. Waves will come ashore in quick succession. That will mean very little time between waves, which can make it difficult for lifeguards to reach someone in trouble in the surf.
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