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Worst flooding in 200 years hits Prince George

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WORST FLOODING IN 200 YEARS - Residents and small business owners in Prince George have formed a coalition to tackle the massive flooding along the Nechako River. The flooding is described as the worst in 200 years in the area and has forced businesses and homeowners to evacuate properties. Ice jams and the resulting flooding along the river have historically hit about once a decade in the area where the Nechako runs into the Fraser. This year, given the weather patterns in November and December, the ice jam has wreaked havoc on those who live and work along the river.


Worst rains in a century hit SA's neighbours
South Africa's neighbours are being ravaged by devastating floods as unusually heavy rains pound the region, leaving tens of thousands of people, mainly in Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe, needing evacuation and food aid.

These are said to be the heaviest rains in Zimbabwe and Zambia in more than 100 years.

Zimbabwe's Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikaramba said the army had deployed in the north of the country to help relocate people, and to distribute food and medical supplies.

Thirty-two people have died in the floods in the north.

'Maybe tomorrow I won't be here'
Aid agencies fear that the heavy rains might swamp vast areas of crops and aggravate the current food shortage in Zimbabwe, which a good maize harvest was promising to ease.
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