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World warming despite cool Pacific and Baghdad snow

The Impact of Global Warming
Climate change is still nudging up temperatures in the long term even though the warmest year was back in 1998, and 2008 has begun with UNUSUAL weather such as a cool Pacific and Baghdad’s first snow in memory, experts said. “Global warming has not stopped.” Last year, parts of the northern hemisphere were having a record mild winter with even Alpine ski resorts starved of snow. Climate change will bring bigger swings in the weather alongside a warming trend that will mean more heatwaves, droughts, floods and rising seas. “The more frequent occurrence of extreme events all over the world — floods in Australia, heavy snowfall in the Middle East — can also be signs of warming.”

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News

The claims of climate skeptics have become ludicrous in recent years. Some of
the more notable remarks they insist on using include the following:

1) Global Warming is a hoax
Maybe they should take their blinders off, they may actually see things as they really are

2) Climate Change is just a natural event, nothing more.
Who taught them to say that

3) Man is not responsible for the Earth's decline
This statement/phrase is a misnomer or misleading at best

4) Global Warning is "left-wing propaganda" :)
If you believe that statement you really are naive

5) Global Warming is a ploy to raise 'carbon taxes'
SAY WHAT! Good Golly Miss Molly

6) Snow and Ice: "so much for the GW theory"
The article posted above explains the climate fluctuating for those who care to learn

7) Solar Activity is causing Climate Change
Most scientists actually disagree with this notion

There are more slogans they continue to use, but I think you get the message, at least I hope you do. The bottom line is that these folks can't handle any negative news, especially news that jeopardizes their lifestyle. So they resort to vicious tactics that attempt to discredit those who report these less than desirable events.

This is a dangerous practice, especially coming from those who claim to be "loving Christians," or "champions of the environment." Words alone cannot describe who these people really are or what they really stand for, but the truth often comes back to haunt those who use every means at their disposal to suppress news of a meaningful nature.

In the words of George Santayana a Spanish born American Philosopher,
“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

Americans have a short memory, but are quick to react when it threatens them. I'm hopeful that America will wake up to the reality of what is happening on a grand scale across the globe, otherwise I am fearful that our inaction will surely lead to dire consequences for all.
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