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West Coast storms flood British Columbia and Nevada

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Western North America
A neighboorhood near Farm District Road in Fernley, Nev., sits under flood waters as some residents collect valuables on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008, (AP / Brad Horn)

North America's west coast continues to be pounded by powerful winter storms, flooding areas in British Columbia and dumping metres of snow on some areas of the U.S.

The storm has left parts of British Columbia flooded, with more trouble expected today. More than 24 homes in Prince George, B.C., are being threatened by severe flooding caused by an ice jam that has developed over the past couple of weeks.

Officials say the ice jam in the river has caused record water levels in the region. Crews are using sandbags and pumps to get rid of the water from homes and several businesses.

The snow and wind is at the northern end of a strong storm system expected to continue terrorizing western U.S. states, including California, Oregon and Washington.

A heavy dose of snow fell on ski areas in the Sierra Nevada mountains over the weekend, with nearly three metres in some higher elevations.

The storm has crippled California's power system, leaving more than 145,000 homes and businesses without power late Sunday evening and flooding sections of Nevada.

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons declared one county an emergency area after an estimated 1,500 people were displaced by flooding. In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared emergencies in three counties.

Western Oregon and Washington are facing storm warnings on Monday. The area has been told to expect heavy snowfall up to 60 centimetres high by Tuesday afternoon.

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