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Weatherman calls deadly early-morning tornado unusual event

Arkansas, USA
The intensity of the tornado that struck the Ozark foothills on Tuesday, killing a man, could produce winds up to 135 mph and was UNUSUAL in its timing. The tornado was UNUSUAL in two ways — the time of day and the time of year. “It’s pretty UNUSUAL to have storms that early in the morning. Typically, early morning is one of the cooler times of the day." Add cooler weather to rising pressure at that time of the day and those two factors “tend to work against storms.” Midafternoon to midevening are the peak times for storms. January historically is one of Arkansas’ slower months for tornadoes. “If you exclude 1999 when we had so many storms that one January, January normally ranks second- or third-lowest of any month for tornadoes in Arkansas.” The peak month is usually April.
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