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A Resounding Victory for Clinton in Florida Primary

Breaking National News
Hillary Trounces Obama in Florida

Women, seniors, Latinos take Clinton to Florida win
Sen. Hillary Clinton says she wants the Florida delegates to participate in the Democratic national convention, while
Obama Camp Dismisses Importance of Florida Win

DAVIE, Florida (CNN) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton dominated Florida's Democratic presidential primary Tuesday with solid support among women, seniors and Latino voters.
after losing last week's hotly contested South Carolina race to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the New York senator and former first lady was looking to Florida to show she could win in a diverse, heavily populated state -- even one where no delegates were at stake.

"I am so grateful to the countless Floridians who, on their own, organized, worked hard, talked to your friends and your neighbors. You made a very big difference," Clinton said.

Exit polls showed Clinton led Obama and the other leading Democrat in the race, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, on all the top issues Democrats considered important -- the economy, the war in Iraq and health care. Obama only came close on the war in Iraq, which he has criticized Clinton for voting to authorize in 2002.

Voters under 30, whom Obama has worked hard to recruit in other states, made up less than 10 percent of Florida's total. Voters over 50 in retiree-heavy Florida made up nearly more than 60 percent of turnout, and Clinton won solidly among that group.

About 47 percent of voters listed the ability to bring about change as their top quality in a candidate, and a slim majority of those people supported Obama, the exit polls found. But Clinton trounced Obama and Edwards among the 23 percent who listed experience as their top quality -- leading Edwards by 7-1 in that category and 28-1 over Obama. She also led strongly among people who described "caring about people" as the most important quality.

Obama and Edwards ignored the state to concentrate on next week's Super Tuesday contests in states such as New York, California, Missouri and Georgia. Obama dismissed the contest Tuesday, and his campaign issued a statement declaring the race a tie in the delegate count: "Zero for Obama, zero for Clinton."

NOTE: Skywatch-Media News will be making an endorsement with regard to the presidential race this week, along with who we believe will best lead our country forward during these troubling times.

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