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Karkar Volcano to be closely monitored by RVO

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New Guinea
THE Rabaul Volcano Observatory (RVO) will be closely monitoring the Karkar volcano in Madang province after spewing magma in recent weeks.

A seismometer, a device used for measuring earthquakes, has been placed on Karkar through which the observatory has been monitoring the minor ea
rthquakes that were being experienced at Karkar.
Chief geodesic surveyor Steve Saunders yesterday told The National that Karkar had been spewing magma but it was not known how deep under the ground the source of the magma was.
“We have not identified where it is coming from but there are some earthquakes being experienced there,” he said, adding that a team of volcano experts from the RVO will travel to Karkar next week.
RVO in the past months had closely observed Karkar after the vegetation around it died and steam reportedly seen coming out from it.

Papua New Guinea, Air Niugini, has indefinitely suspended all flights into one of the country’s busiest airports, Tokua. Flights to Tokua airport were suspended due to increased volcanic emissions in the East New Britain township. The airport’s runway is heavily covered in ash. A spokesperson for the airline said that the air space over Tokua airport is being monitored and any decision to resume flights will depend on the prevailing winds dispersing volcanic emission away from the aerodrome.

ECUADOR - Tungurahua volcano on Thursday hurled fiery rocks and sent a column of ash and steam 1 1/2 miles above its crater. Experts have warned that Tungurahua is poised for a major eruption within a matter of days or weeks. On Sunday, 1,000 villagers were evacuated from 10 hamlets on the western slopes of the volcano. The explosions were accompanied by roars from within the volcano and there have been reports it showered ash down on nearby villages. The government will have 500 temporary homes ready for evacuated villagers in the next few days. Image: Children walk to school as the Tungurahua volcano throws ashes near the village of Cotalo in Ecuador, Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008. (AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa)

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