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Kamchatka is Fighting Damage Caused by Powerful Snow Cyclone

VLADIVOSTOK, January 13, vladivostoktimes.com
Kamchatka is fighting the damage caused by the powerful snow cyclone, RIA Novosti (News) informs.

The Pacific atmospheric vortex brought heavy snowfalls to the peninsula. The amount of precipitation came to 20% of the monthly norm, and the snow depth grew 70 - 120 centimeters in different districts. On Saturday the air service between Kamchatka and continent was blocked due
to the snowfall and poor visibility was renewed. The damage caused by avalanching from the hill slopes into Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski has been already removed.

However, avalanche warning in the capital of the Kamchatka Territory and mountain districts of Elizovo, Ust-Bolsheretzk, Ust-Kamchatski, Milkovo, and Bystrinskiy stays for two more days. The specialists of the Anti Avalanche Center intend to make preventive bombardment of the most dangerous slopes with artillery to prevent uncontrollable avalanching.

Tajikistan: Energy Shortages, Extreme Cold Create Crisis Situation
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