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Hillary Clinton's stunning victory

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New Hampshire, USA

"I come here tonight with a very full heart," Clinton said in declaring victory. "I listened to you and in the process I found my own voice."

NASHUA, N.H.—In a stunning comeback at a do-or-die moment for her campaign, Hillary Clinton pulled out a narrow primary win here Tuesday night that breathed new life into her candidacy and immediately stoked the fiery intensity of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Clinton's win over Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary came by a thin margin, far from the decisive win that supporters were hoping for just weeks ago based on her solid poll numbers in the state and nationwide.

Even so, the win made it perfectly clear that Clinton is still a formidable contender, just days after Obama's win in the Iowa caucuses deflated her spirits, sent her poll numbers into a slide and called into question the vaunted Clinton family machine at work on her behalf.



January 9, 2008

The old saying still holds true that sometimes life has a way of playing a cruel joke on us. This is even more evident after the results were known in the Democratic voting process for the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. Here the joke was on the political pundits, pollsters and media tabloids who were convinced that presidential candidate, Barack Obama would come out of the Tuesday primary as the clear victor.

What is most apparent coming out of last evening's voting is that the voters themselves, especially the women voters of New Hampshire were not going to be intimidated by on onslaught of media moguls telling them how to vote, and for whom they should vote in this process.

The media bashing of Hillary that took place prior to the primary voting, now seems to have muddied the waters of the political process going forward. No one wants to see a candidate humiliated by the media so early in the campaign process, especially when that candidate happens to be a well known and experienced woman, as well as the former first lady of the United States.

As was apparent in last nights primary, voters took a second look at Hillary, and empathized with her cause. Battered and bruised as she was coming out of Iowa, she trumped the pollsters and pundits, and literally made a mockery of the polling process. This was an amazing comeback for someone who was labeled as dead in the water just hours before the voters came to the polls in New Hampshire.

As we are all aware, politics can often be cruel and vindictive in the heat of a debate. There will always be opposing forces attempting to make the other candidate look non-electable, or unattractive in the eyes of the true electorate. We may not like the process, but this is how the game is played.

One thing is certain now as the process continues on, pollsters and pundits will be analyzing were they went wrong in predicting the winner of the New Hampshire primary. The analysts will be more careful in declaring a candidate "dead in the water," until after the voter has had the opportunity to cast their ballot. Whereas the media tabloids are looking for political headlines, the voter has the last say in the political process, and always will.

Sensational news may fuel the fire for the media, but journalists and reporters must be careful on how they distribute the news. Stories that are hot one day can turn on a dime and be quickly quenched by news of a more human and practical nature, as was the case with Hillary Clinton in the stunning upset in the New Hampshire primary.
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