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Floods claim more lives, wreak havoc in Bolivia

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Bolivia, S.A.
Residents of La Paz have had water rationed [AFP]

Nearly 400,000 people living in the Andean city of La Paz have been forced to ration their drinking water after mudslides damaged water pipes last week, and the mayor said the shortages could last until March. Flooding and torrential rains have killed 40 people in Bolivia since November, wrecking highways, crops and thousands of homes. In eastern Santa Cruz province the damage to soybean crops and highways was estimated at between $200 million and $500 million. The flooding is blamed on the La Nina weather phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean, which has exacerbated Bolivia's rainy season. The local meteorological service forecast that rains will continue for at least another month. The situation has worsened this week, and 10 people were killed in the past five days.
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