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Fear of More Flooding to Come

As fears of the POSSIBILITY OF ONE OF THE WORST EVER FLOODS in Mozambique intensify, a new report has found that most households affected by flooding last year are yet to recover and are experiencing severe food insecurity. The affected people remain vulnerable until the next harvest in March/April. "We are now concerned that we could be facing worse floods than 2007 - the Cahora Bassa Dam [on the Zambezi River in Tete Province in the northwest] has now been forced to increase its discharges to 6,000 cubic metres a second - while the inflow is 7,600 cubic metres a second - to cope with a massive inflow of water into Cahora Bassa lake from Zambia and Zimbabwe." The amount of water being discharged should be the same as the inflow. "We are only at the beginning of the rainy season, and these were the figures when we had the flooding in February/March 2007." An estimated 285,000 people were affected and 29 were killed in the Zambezi River basin in 2007, during the worst floods to hit the country in six years. Besides the threat of flooding by water discharged from the Cahora Bassa Dam, Zambézia Province, which forms part of the Zambezi River basin, is also affected by the amount of rainfall in neighbouring Malawi, where heavy rains have been forecast.

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