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The Earth Frenzy Radio Show

Special Broadcast Tonight
The Earth Frenzy Radio Show

The Psychic Medium

Renowned Psychic Louise Ungro-
Live Broadcast/Listener Call-In Segment-
Wednesday, January 9, 2008-
Show Time: 8pm, CST-
Call In At: (646) 478-5297

Live Chat Forum: During the second portion of the program you can pose your Questions here or dial the call-in number listed above

Louise Ungro is unparalled in the field of the paranormal - as a most extraordinary naturally gifted Psychic, Spirit Medium, Pet Communicator, Ghost / Demonic Investigator and avid ufologist who is featured on radio stations and televisions across this country, often described as our very own"psychic medium" also "one very popular and respected ghost and demon clearer" and "communicator to the angels."

Her interviews are fast passed, informative and always right on target with answers to questions on weird and strange happenings, she has the latest pulse on the unknown visitors of other worlds, speaking to the dead whether they be people or pets or anywhere in the world.

Callers are amazed at her abilities that vividly identify who or what is haunting or demonizing them, their family or location, all completely live on the air. Testimonies are at an all time high.

She is listed in the book " Who's Who of Psychics" by author Victoria L. Weston, on top sellers list – Louise is also featured as one of the top 10 psychics in this country for accuracy and dedication on www.selectpsyhics.com

Her website and services are found here


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