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Do These Photos Capture UFO Over Central Texas?

Texas UFO Image: Photo Released from Near Stephenville, Real or Hoax?

How could the UFO sighting in Stephenville, Texas happen with no one getting any video and or any kind of images? There were no photos released of a craft that has been described as enormous. Some say it was a mile wide and they all got a good look but until now there have been no photos released. However, there is one photo that has now been released by a local Fox news station and they have posted the picture on their website. Image: Sunset Photo May Contain UFO Image (See Photo and Link Below)

The photos show a beautiful sunset and an object that is in between two clouds. The background sun is very bright so it is impossible to tell what the object is. The man that took the photos is named Virgil Fowler and he wasn't out looking to snap strange objects or lights in the sky, he was just snapping away at the sunset.

The enhanced version of the photo is here.
Virgil Fowler was taking pictures of the sunset, when he says he captured a UFO flying over Lake Travis in Texas. (MyFoxAustin)

At least 40 people have reported sightings of the Stephenville unidentified flying object, which reportedly appeared in the sky just after 6 p.m. on Jan. 8. The local Fox report is rather incomplete as it doesn't say what day the photos were taken by Fowler. It should be interesting what develops as investigators zoom in and scrutinize the first photo.

NOTE: US MILITARY OFFICIALS HAVE CHANGED THEIR STORY FROM "NO FIGHTER JETS IN SIGHTING AREA" TO "IT WAS A FIGHTER JET" So whom do we believe, the government or the eyewitnesses????? Is this another military coverup?
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