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Chicago braces for weekend of bitter cold

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Illinois, USA
The Chicago region is bracing for a frigid weekend, with temperatures predicted to plummet below zero for the first time in nearly a year. The cold snap comes as a cruel end to the MILDEST JANUARY START IN LOCAL HISTORY. In a RARE climatic reprieve, two-thirds of the days thus far this winter have posted above-average temperatures. The weekend forecast calls for a low of -8 degrees on Saturday, a 30-degree swing from Thursday's highs. The subzero weather should end Monday, with an accumulating snowfall and a week in which temperatures still could average about 12 degrees below normal. "We're going to get hit really hard. It has been a pretty mild winter so far, but now Mother Nature is taking off the gloves." The cold air mass, which originated in Siberia, is expected to arrive Friday night and produce bands of heavy lake-effect snow.

MINNESOTA - An arctic chill will hang around for 10 days, with the deepest freeze on Saturday. Nothing record-breaking, just darn cold. The predicted low of -13 Saturday night in the Twin Cities would be the coldest temperature since the minus-17 reading of Feb. 5, 2007, the coldest of last winter. Saturday's predicted low would be a long way from the record for the date -- minus 34 -- achieved in 1970. That tied the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in the Twin Cities first reached on Jan. 22, 1936. The 1936 temperature came with a windchill of -67. Windchills this Friday night into Saturday are expected to dip to a merely menacing -33. Temperatures are expected to remain well below normal for perhaps the rest of the month. Minnesota tends to have its coldest weather of the year late January through early February.
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