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Changing climate 'is leading to rougher seas'

Huge waves pound the sea wall at Walcott near Great Yarmouth

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Great Britain
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Climate change is having a significant impact on the health of the seas surrounding Britain, says a new report.

  • Britain on alert as floods threaten once more
  • Rising seas, bigger waves, flooding, and more violent storms are already happening as temperatures increase.

    2006 was the second-warmest year in UK coastal waters since records began in 1870 and seven of the 10 warmest years have occurred in the last decade, according to the Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) report card 2007-08.

    The report attempts to assess how much climate change has affected the UK's marine environment and what the consequences may be in the future.

    Coastal erosion, which already affects 17 per cent of the UK coastline is expected to increase and more powerful seas will have a major impact on commercial operations in ports and shipping while coastal buildings will be more vulnerable to damage.

    Fishing will be also affected by temperature change making worse the problems already caused by over exploitation.

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