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Wisconsin weather, 'wow what a year'

Wisconsin, USA
WISCONSIN had some pretty wicked weather this past year, ranging from blizzards to record flooding, winter snow storms, severe thunderstorms, high winds, large hail and droughts. "This was a very interesting year for Wisconsin in the weather department and it seems like every year gets more UNUSUAL than the previous year and you wonder how the heck we can top the previous year. So, but looking back at 2007 all I can says is "Wow, what a year!" Record rains caused five deaths, numerous mud slides, road closures, and flooded homes and businesses. 22 inches in one month is a lot when you compare it to the average of 32-35 inches for the entire year. Total damage to property and crops from the rain was about $112.5 million.

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TEXAS - A little over a year ago, ranchers had to search as far away as Kansas for hay to feed their cattle. Many ranchers were forced to sell off cattle or ship them out-of-state. But this year, the fortunes have turned, thanks to this year’s wet weather that brought rain to almost every corner of the state. It was a year of recovery for Texas agriculture as farmers saw RECORD YIELDS for corn, cotton, wheat, sorghum, soybeans and hay. “I don’t know if it’s ever happened before but it’s a PRETTY RARE occurrence. It’s pretty UNUSUAL to have the entire state wetter than normal at the same time.” Cattle raisers also replenished herds, often finding livestock from the drought-stricken southeastern U.S, and benefited from stable beef prices. But the banner year was tempered by the rain’s tapering off during the last four months of the year and an uncertain future. “We didn’t get the fall rains so the pond levels are really dropping.”

ILLINOIS - December snow piling up - 13.7 inches so far - more than double 30-year average of 6.6 inches for December. Winter's third significant storm Friday blanketed much of the Chicago region, clogging traffic, canceling flights and leaving 2 to 6 inches of snow in its wake. The storm marked the 14th snowfall in December, making the month ONE OF CHICAGO'S SNOWIEST EVER. "Unfortunately, the encore is flurries and bitter cold next week...It's just that this snow has been earlier. Normally this is what it's like in January."

Five to 7 inches of snow was reported in the region following the storm that blanketed the Great Lakes region with several inches of snow. Milwaukee's total at Mitchell International was 6.3 inches, TOPPING THE RECORD for the dat
e of 5.3 inches set in 1968.
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