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Severe cold wave disrupts normal life in Sirajganj

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Severe cold wave disrupts normal life in Sirajganj - An UNPRECEDENTED COLD WAVE over the last few days has almost halted normal life in this district town. The severe cold wave coming from the Himalayas has made the lives of the dwellers, specially the homeless people of this small town, miserable. At least 12 people have been attacked with various cold related diseases, the intensity of cold worsens after mid-day and turns extremely unbearable in the evening. Every day, fog covers the town until 8 to 9 AM and vehicles ply in the streets with their headlights on. Although the sun appears for a while around 10 AM, it soon disappears. Last Monday morning drizzles made things even worse. Destitutes are trying to combat this bitter wave through heat generated from burning heaps of straw and old rubber tyres. On the other hand, second hand warm clothes sellers are making best use of this situation and earning handsomely by raising the prices two and even three times. Diseases like fever, cough, cold and dysentery have also increased alarmingly. Severeness of cold in this small district town situated near the Jamuna river is usually more bitter than other areas of the country, which usually deteriorates in December and January. Observers feel that this cold will worsen further during next few weeks. Cultivation of winter crops, particularly the potato is facing damage from this unnatural cold. Authoritative sources believe unless the government and the well-to-do section of the country come forward with necessary arrangements for distribution of sufficient warm clothes for the homeless people in this area, the possibility of loss of life from this bitter and severe cold may not be ignored.


Snow storms in US claim 14 lives

Snow storms in the central US have left at least 14 people dead and tens of thousands without electricity, the Associated Press news agency reports.

Hundreds of accidents were reported as far south as Texas, where there was a 50-vehicle motorway pile-up.

The storm has also felled trees and power lines and caused the cancellation of hundreds of flights.

More heavy snow has been forecast as the storms move into the Great Lakes region bordering Canada.

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