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Series of tremors hit Kenya

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Kenya, Africa

A series of earth tremors rocked the country Sunday afternoon causing panic among Kenyans.

The Kenya Meteorological Department could not immediately tell the magnitude due to lack of a seismograph.

“There has been a slight tremor, but we are yet to establish the magnitude,” said an official with the department.

He said that they would liaise with the department of geology at the University of Nairobi, which has a seismograph.

Degree of intensity

All the tremors lasted about five seconds and were felt in different parts of the country between 4pm and 4:45pm.

In Nairobi, the tremors were felt in different places, including Nation Centre, between 4 and 4.45pm with varying degrees of intensity.

At Westlands, for instance, a tremor that lasted about four seconds was felt at about 4pm with a similar shake experienced in the city centre at 4.45pm.

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