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Record flooding as rain continues to fall

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Washington State, USA
A viewer submitted this photo of Black Lake Blvd in Olympia.

Current Headlines:
Skokomish River sets all time record high levels and will have major flooding. Chehalis River will set record flood levels as well. Winds easing a bit along the coast, but still over 60 mph


SEATTLE - The largest of three consecutive storms was moving through Western Washington Monday, bringing heavy rain, damaging wind, and major flooding -- both in urban areas and along mountain-fed rivers.

The Washington and Oregon coast were severely battered by the storm Monday morning. Wind speeds have been clocked at 85 mph in Astoria and 81 mph in Hoquiam. (Hoquiam has since lost power, so we don't know if it's been worse.) Meanwhile, an unofficial report out of Bay Center, Wash. (near Long Beach) had a measured gust of 119 mph. (They stick out on a headland a bit and have a free shot at strong wind.) Some gusts along the Oregon Coast were over 120 mph.

Rain was falling at historical levels as well. As of 11 a.m., Seattle had 3.35 inches of rain -- making it the third wettest day in Sea-Tac history, with more rain falling. And the Skokomish River was seeing record flooding.

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