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Quake craters in Devil's Woodyard

The Caribbean
eruption: Sharon Basdeo views one of several active mud volcanoes at Devil's Woodyard, Hindustan Village, Princes Town, yesterday. -Photo: TREVOR WATSON

At Devil's Woodyard, a mud volcano about 10 kilometers east of Princes Town, 10 new "minor" craters and a crack that runs more than 100 feet and is several inches wide, have appeared after the massive Caribbean quake last week. By the sound coming from the mud volcano, it seemed to residents that it was close to eruption. In 1995, when a volcano erupted, it sent black mud over a wide area, driving many residents permanently from their homes. Workers have been planting trees to cover the area that was destroyed. Workers there who were reforesting this week are frightened and wish to be reassigned out of the area
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