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Portions of Malaysia On Maximum Alert: TIDAL SURGE WARNING FOR JAKARTA

Flood watchers and rescue services in the Kuching and Sibu divisions of Sarawak have been ordered to be on maximum alert. There are fears that Kuching and Samarahan could, for the first time in three years, be hit by floods, while Sibu and low-lying areas along the Rajang River could again be inundated by water, the second time in as many weeks, this weekend. "The forecast for areas in central and western Sarawak this weekend is not too good. In fact, it is quite bad. Heavy rain has been forecast for the next 72 hours over these parts of the state. And all it takes is 100ml of rain to trigger a flood." Strong winds of up to 50kph had also been forecast to hit the coastal areas of the southern half of the state over the same period. The winds could push the tides even higher. Floods in the state are normally triggered by the combination of heavy rain and the seasonal king tide, whose cycle starts tomorrow. It ends on Dec 29 with the king tide on Christmas Day the highest at 6.1metres.

Jakarta warned of Christmas tidal floods

JAKARTA (JP): A second high tide in less than a month is likely to hit Jakarta's shores on Dec. 23 and 24, said an Indonesian-Dutch tidal monitoring body.

The city's public works body said it has moved intopreparatory mode and is repairing coastal embankments in seven areas in North Jakarta.

Jakarta Flood Project, the Indonesian-Dutch partnership, said it has closely monitored tide levels and has calculated sea water levels on Dec. 23 and 24 would be as high as Nov. 26, when high-tides caused traffic mayhem along the city's airport toll road.

"Sea water levels are already very high," project leader JanJaap Brinkman was quoted in an email sent to The Jakarta Poston Thursday.

"The 190 centimeter mark was reached at ^YPasar Ikan^Y (Jakarta's fish market) today," JanJaap said.

"Tomorrow levels will increase again.

"It is almost certain that sea water levels will reach the same levels as on Nov. 26."
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