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Floods as great a threat as terror

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Great Britain

Sir Michael warned that the flooding was here to stay:
Sir Michael Pitt, Chairman of the South West Strategic Health Authority

Flooding in the UK is a threat on the scale of terrorism or an influenza pandemic, according to the author of a report on this summer's floods This year's flooding was so severe because the ground was already heavily saturated. But he warned that this would only get worse in the future, due to changing weather conditions and more frequent rainfall. "The changing natures of floods means we need to improve our flood warnings. Flood risk and events of this sort are here to stay...The country was fortunate that the impact was not much more severe.” The report also stresses the need for the public to prepare themselves. All households should put together a "flood kit" containing important documents such as insurance policies, and equipment such as torches, radios, blankets and first aid kits.
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