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Climate Change will see the “Africanisation” of Spain


Study warns of environmental catastrophe before the end of the century as Spain struggles to meet Kyoto demands

INCESSANT heat waves, the extinction of vegetal and animal species and the spread of desert from Almería to cover southern Spain in its entirety.
Those are the findings of a report recently presented to the country’s prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, to help the government decide how to deal with Climate Change.

The study, which was compiled by a team of 17 scientists from Spain, paints a dire picture of the country at the end of this century.

It concludes that the country’s climate will become more like that of central Africa as tropical disease claims the lives of thousands and swathes of its Mediterranean beaches, which today bring millions of tourists to the country, are lost to rising sea levels.

“Although these findings are not exhaustive, it helps us understand the importance of dealing with Climate Change on a national level,” the report states.

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