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Unusual Antarctica Heatwave

HOT AND COLD: Scott Base coordinator Yvonne Boesterling, domestic coordinator Sharron Revell, and carpenter Martin Wenzel on Hut Point Peninsula, near Scott Base, Antarctica, which has been experiencing an unsual heatwave.

Hut Point Peninsula, near Scott Base, Antarctica, has been experiencing an UNUSUAL heatwave. Like much of the South Island in New Zealand, Scott Base has been basking in a summer heatwave. The Antarctica New Zealand crew has watched the temperature rise to a sweltering 3 degrees, which definitely felt warm compared with the norm. "There were people outside in T-shirts. I didn't think it would get this warm in Antarctica." The heat has also affected the neighbouring American base, McMurdo Station. A dozen workers hosted a beach party with deck chairs overlooking the still-frozen sea ice. The beach party proved hazardous, with some succumbing to sunburn in the ozone-depleted atmosphere.
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