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US Facing a Water Crisis

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Scientists are warning that raging brush fires could become routine. Florida is running out of water to meet the needs of its growing population. New England water reserves are reaching record lows. Atlanta's main water supply may run dry in a few months. Boat ramps are becoming surrounded by dry land and streams are disappearing. Even the mighty Great Lakes are seeing historically low levels.

A leading scientist quoted in a recent New York Times feature commented on the long-term effects of a prolonged drought, "There's a two-thirds chance there will be a disaster, and that's in the best scenario."

According to the National Climate Data Center, 2007 is on-track to be the warmest year on record. 43 percent of the United States is suffering from moderate to extreme drought.


Image: Using recycled water in the garden as a drought-measure

GREECE - Athens
has been in a severe drought crisis for several months, and public officials and citizens have taken extreme measures. By Oct. 22, Athens had dropped its daily water use by 28%. From 19.45 million gallons a day in April, customers in late October were using 14.46 million gallons a day. They are now are cutting back even more to try to meet the governor's mandate that drought-plagued counties cut 10 percent of their water use compared to last winter. Athens must meet the governor's mandate by Dec. 1. When this goal is met, the city will have dropped the amount of water it consumes by 35% since April.
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