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Increased activity on Karkar island volcano

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - An increased activity on Karkar island volcano is worrying volcanologists and Madang residents because the lack of monitoring equipment means there is no way of knowing the dangers posed. Monitoring equipment set up in 2002 were destroyed within 24 hours of them being set up on the island. Images received this month confirmed that there has been an increase in thermal activity and gas emission from the SE and SW flanks of Bagiai cone on Karkar. The increase in thermal activity has resulted in vegetation dying near these two areas. People from Kevasop village on the southwest of the island heard low roaring noises in late October. Since that time Bagiai cone has been releasing thin white vapour visible from Kevasop village. There has been a vast increase in vapour and smoke compared to three months ago. The volcano last erupted in 1979, killing two volcanologists on the island.
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