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El Nino's 'evil twin' to disrupt weather patterns worldwide

A Climate Warning From the United Nations
The weather paths caused by the phenomenon know as La Nina - the opposite of El Nino - straddle the globe.

She is capable of causing extreme weather around the world, as Atlantic Canada discovered this weekend at the hands of Noel, a storm that packed winds of 135 kilometres an hour and waves as high as 15 metres.

And there's more to come. The United Nations weather agency warns that this little girl is going to be with us for the next five months, and that could mean a bigger finish for the last month of Atlantic hurricane season, as well as heavy rain, a colder winter and more snowfall.

"These conditions can cause unusual and sometimes severe weather events ... in the immediate area of the Pacific basin but also around the world," Leslie Malone, a scientist with the World Meteorological Organization, said last week.

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