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Crater Temperature at Indonesia Volcano up

Image: Steam and hot gasses rise above the crater lake formed by the Mt. Kelud volcano early Monday Nov. 5, 2007, in East Java, Indonesia. The killer Indonesian volcano on high alert spat out fresh clouds of smoke on Monday as scientists warned any eruption would likely be much larger than the last time it blew its top. (AP Photo/Trisnadi)

MOUNT KELUD, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia's deadly Mount Kelud spewed fresh clouds of smoke Monday and the temperature of its crater lake soared, as scientists warned any eruption could be much stronger than the last time it blew its top.

At least two more of Indonesia's approximately 100 active volcanoes also were emitting smoke, with one — Anak Krakatoa — firing out red-hot stones and lava as well, illustrating the powerful seismic forces at work in the nation.

But authorities were most worried about Kelud on Java island because of its deadly history, including a 1919 explosion that killed thousands.

The temperature of its crater lake was so high that nearby monitoring equipment was no longer working, said Surono, one of 16 volcanologists watching over the peak 24 hours a day. Like many Indonesians, he uses only one name.

Kelud has been on the highest alert level for more than two weeks, but since Friday scientists have been warning an eruption may be imminent based on the frequency of tremors shaking the mountain and the temperature of its lake.



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