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From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News
For Earth Frenzy Radio
Nov 01, 2007

Last evening, the Earth Frenzy Radio Show implemented the new chat forum line during our question and answer session with our guest speaker Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk. As it turned out the forum guests provided a number of very interesting questions for Nancy. The show was very informative and gave the listeners a direct channel for program participation.

As always Nancy Lieder has a lot of very valuable information, which she is more than willing to share with her listeners, and last night was no exception.

Earth Frenzy Radio would like to expand its listener audience. In doing so, we would ask that our viewers and subscribers email or call their family, friends and work associates to provide them with the web address for our radio show. With your help, we can make our future programming schedule more interesting as well as informative.

If you know of someone who may be interested in appearing on our show, and who desires to share their knowledge of any topic in the area of alternative news, then we would like to hear from you. You may contact us at: skywatch.media@gmail.com with your suggestions or comments.

You May listen to or download any or all of our archived radio broadcasts by clicking on the Blog Talk Radio Icon appearing on the upper right hand sidebar. By clicking the profile you will be sent to our radio website which lists all of our programming details.

Our most recent broadcast was conducted on October 31 and was entitled "Red Fireballs and the UFO: Are We Being Invaded? You are encouraged to subscribe to our radio programming by clicking the RSS feed button listed on the Blog Talk Radio icon, or as listed below.

We look forward to having you as a frequent listener to the Earth Frenzy Radio Show-Alternative News Broadcasts Revolving Around Our Changing Earth.

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