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Wondering whether weather patterns will be permanent

KENTUCKY is wondering whether weather patterns will be permanent - October in central Kentucky HAS NEVER BEEN HOTTER than it was Sunday and Monday when high temperatures flirted with 90 degrees. Add that to the fact AUGUST WAS THE HOTTEST MONTH EVER and one question begs to be asked: What the heck is going on here? Some climate predictions called for 2007 to be the Earth�s warmest year on record, a forecast Kentucky�s weather matches. A high-pressure ridge has blanketed the area, and when it looks as if it�s breaking down because of a passing frontal system or a shift in the jet stream, it re-forms. The National Weather Service predicts above-normal temperatures from December through February. Also, precipitation is expected to be more plentiful than in an average winter. Another player in this year�s odd weather is a La Ni�a system, which has developed in the Pacific Ocean. While its effects on Kentucky historically have been variable, it�s expected to bring dry weather to the South. As for central Kentucky�s drought, Bowling Green is 17 inches below normal and Louisville is down 9 inches.
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