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Record Breaking Temps In NYC For 5th Time In Oct.

New York City
City On Brink Of Warmest October Ever

For the fifth time this month, a RECORD HIGH TEMPERATURE WAS SET at LaGuardia Airport on Tuesday, and it's the seventh record high to be set in the last six weeks. The temperature Tuesday topped out at 80-degrees, breaking the old record set back in 1995. What's more, the average temperature this month has been 9 degrees above normal. With just a week to go until November, New York City is ON PACE TO HAVE ITS WARMEST OCTOBER EVER. In Central Park, the average temperature this month has been 66.7 degrees, a full three degrees warmer than the warmest October on record, which was 60 years ago in 1947. This past week has seen high temperatures remaining steady in the 70s, with a streak of seven straight days with temperatures at least 10 degrees above normal. It hasn't been just this past week that's seen warmer than normal weather. In fact, 32 of the past 34 days have also experienced above average temperatures.

Just how warm is it?

U.S. - “In the interior Northeast, back to the Ohio Valley, it is likely to be the warmest October on record." Most records go back to the late 19th century. The main cause of the balmy weather this month was the UNUSUALLY northern position of the northern jet stream — the river of high-speed air that circles the globe and separates warm and cold air masses. Because the jet stream is farther north than usual, the Northeast is sitting under warmer air. (Farther west, the jet stream zigs south, the World Series-bound Colorado Rockies’ baseball practice was held indoors in Denver on Sunday because of four inches of snow.)
Image: The calendar says it is late October, but there were still plenty of rays to be caught on Monday at the fountain at Washington Square Park.
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