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Mystery Booms: Biggest quake in 40 years hits one house

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More Mystery Booms Reported
Grant Taylor sent us these photos of the damage the eathquake caused to his home

The BIGGEST QUAKE IN 40 YEARS to hit the Great Southern has cracked the walls of one man�s home but left his neighbours� homes unscathed. The quake, which registered 4.8 on the Richter scale, left his house trashed. �I do know that it happened just around 8 oclock because my clocks all jumped off the wall, along with all my pictures, and the clocks stopped.� While many people reported that the quake had shaken their house, for this man the experience was quite different. �I never had a shake I just had an almighty boom.� He has been expecting something like this for some time. �For the last few months I�ve also been getting these booms and it took a while to work out what it was. It sounded like something landing on the roof � we�re talking something pretty heavy, not like a swan or a bird, more like an elephant. I�d ring my neighbours up after and say �did you hear that? Did you feel it?� and they�d say �no we never felt anything�. I almost felt like I was going mad, that I was just imagining it although I know one time my daughters were here staying with me and they said �what is that dad?� and I said �I don�t really know�. So it�s been very localised but it hasn�t happened for at least a month which had me concerned - either it was going away, or this was coming and this is what came."

INDIA - A geologist has visited 8 Gir villages to study mysterious rumbling sounds that have been occurring for the past several days. He said that the sounds are certainly not emanating from earthquake tremors or its aftershock, but were caused due to "block system", which might be the after-effect of the 2001 massive earthquake in Kutch. However, he refused to elaborate. Asked about his observation of the recurring phenomena, he replied that he cannot say anything with certainty about its root cause. The villages of Haripar, Jasapar, Moruka, Suruva, Vadla, Akol Vadi, Rasoolpara and Hadamatiya experienced the rumbling sounds on the 8th, spreading panic among the people who rushed out of their houses as the vessels started making a huge rattling sound. Many houses developed cracks on the walls. All of the villages fall within a radius of 15 kilometers. The village of Jaspar experienced 15 such sounds. These events are not new, and three years ago such sounds were felt in Haripur. A seismograph installed between October and December of 2001 has so far recorded more than a thousand tremors, ranging up to 3 on the Richter scale. The Haripur village and nearby areas had again experienced the rumbling sounds during December of 2004.
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