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Mini-tsunami devastates Welsh village 20 miles from the sea

There is still mystery surrounding why the village's canal burst it's banks trailing tonnes of mud and debris into villagers' homes

United Kingdom
A Welsh village has been devastated by a 'tsunami' wave of water even though it is 20 miles from the sea. Ten people were rescued and three homes evacuated when a canal burst its banks - sending a 4ft wave surging through the country village. Mystery surrounds the reasons why the 200-year-old Brecon and Monmouthshire canal burst its banks - sending the torrent down a hillside into the village. Families in Gilwern, near Abergavenny, South Wales, have been clearing up after thousands of gallons of canal water carried tons of mud and debris into their homes. "It is terrible what has happened here, and there was no warning it was about to happen. A huge crater has been left next to one house and the canal has very little water left in it. It really is shocking, and the residents and businesses here will be badly affected." "It could be an issue elsewhere. Canals are so old they're not constructed how they would have to be constructed now. How many banks of canals are leaking that we don't know about?"

Residents are amazed no-one was killed in the mini-tsunami which has affected the homes and businesses of villagers
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