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Massive Landslide On Pennsylvania Route 28

A rockslide closed the southbound side of Route 28 between RIDC park and the Harmar exit this morning.

Pennsylvania, USA

A rockslide early this morning sent boulders tumbling onto Route 28 in Harmar, shutting down the southbound lane and one of the northbound lanes.

The southbound lane remained closed throughout rush hour as crews worked to clear the rocks. There is only one southbound lane in that area because of ongoing work to secure the hillside, which has been plagued by slides.

The slide also shut down one of the two northbound lanes, but the other was passable.

The incident happened at about 3:45 a.m. One boulder rolled across the highway and smashed into a tractor-trailer. The driver swerved onto the berm, where the rig flipped over onto a hillside above adjacent Freeport Road.

The overturned truck caused a chain-reaction crash involving several cars as drivers slammed on their brakes to avoid it.

Part of the cargo the truck was hauling spilled down the hillside onto Freeport Road, forcing officials to close one southbound lane of that highway.

The combination of the slide and the accident created miles of backups for morning commuters who use those roads to get into town.

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