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Massive hailstones and thunderstorms cause monumental damage to vehicles and houses in Malaga


“I thought the end of the world had come, the Apocalypse, the noise was so frightening,”
said a Spanish judicial civil servant.

Around 1,500 vehicles were damaged by hailstones the size of golf balls in the town of Marbella and Coín last Friday morning September 28

For around twenty minutes last Friday
morning thunderstorms and hailstones the size of golf balls thrashed the province of Malaga. Residents in Marbella and Coín were particularly affected with garages having to work overtime to repair broken windscreens. Estimates place the number of damaged vehicles in the two municipalities at 1,500, and some garages opened up for business on Saturday and Sunday to keep up with demand. One judicial civil servant described the incident as the “apocalypse.” Image: Vehicles dragged by the water in the street of the Eagle, in Alcala of Guadaira (Seville). Photo: EFE / RAÚL DÍAZ (From El-Periodico.com, English translation)

Some thirty people, including four children, were treated for cuts and bruises caused by the hailstones, in Marbella.

Town Halls around the province have pledged to do what they can to ensure that people are compensated for the damage caused, and are urging those affected to make claims to their insurance companies. Some councils are also requesting that the Central Government declare the affected areas “zonas catastróficas” - disaster areas.

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