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An Interview with James Hoggan of DeSmogBlog

From the Editor's Desk
Skywatch-Media News
October 25, 2007

Last Night James Hoggan, Chairman of the David Suzuki Foundation and PR Executive for Hoggan and Associates of Vancouver, B.C. spoke out on the most important issue of our day, climate change and global warming. During his interview on the Earth Frenzy Radio Show he emphasized the importance of exposing the climate change skeptics (doubters, as he calls them)who are twisting the truth about the reasons for the extreme weather in an attempt to keep the public confused, primarily for monetary gain. Mr Hoggan, through his website, DeSmogBlog has successfully educated and informed the general public about the environment and what can be done to save our planet.

You can hear the entire broadcast(podcast)at the following links:

Earth Frenzy Radio

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