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The Food Shortage Reality

The time of overflowing vats and overstocked shelves is coming to an end. We do not hear of huge surpluses in food production anymore, of massive stockpiled reserves for shipment to countries in famine, or as a hedge against times of extreme weather or blight by disease. Those days are over. The days of plenty are a thing of the past. Prepare now for increasing shortages of staple food products. The reality is that a number of historical leaders in agricultural exports are now becoming net importers of food products. In 1994, a Washington-based research group warned of a potential national food shortage and its consequences by or before 2030. But figure in the increasing occurrences of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, drought and other unnatural disasters and it is sure to occur much sooner than predicted. Not only is most of the globe's arable land already under production, but 35 percent of that land is seriously degraded due to intensive chemically based farming practices. Add to this the increasing dependence of the farm sector on hybrid varieties that have no capacity to self-replenish (by the designs of such corporate entities as Monsanto Chemicals) plus the continuing escalation of energy prices, and you have a recipe for agricultural disaster.
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