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Canadian navy saves Yemeni soldier after eruption

CTV map detailing the location of Jazirt Atta-Ir, Yemen.

A Canadian Navy spokesman described the volcanic eruption as "catastrophic." The eruption collapsed part of the island of Jabal al-Tair and covered the rest with lava. Six NATO ships searched for hours without success and were eventually told to stop by the Yemeni coast guard. "Just as we were leaving the area, about six miles offshore, we discovered a survivor drifting in the water. The first one went aboard the American ship and then Toronto recovered another survivor." The second survivor found was a 22-year-old private who had been in the water for about 20 hours. Four dead were also pulled from the Red Sea, officials said. Two people remain missing. It remains unclear whether the victims died from the eruption or drowning. The island last saw an explosive eruption in 1883.

Lava flows and clouds of smoke and ash reach skyward after a volcano eruption on the island of Jazirt Atta-Ir in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen. This photo was taken from the deck of HMCS Toronto. (Master Cpl. Kevin Paul / Canadian Forces Combat Camera)
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