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Torrential Rains in Poland

Another day of torrential downpours in the south of Poland claimed two lives on Friday. Rivers are overflowing in Silesia, Opolszczyzna, the ‘Little Poland’ region and Podkarpacie and several towns have been flooded. Heavy downpours were expected to occur in the region for at least twenty four more hours. The forecasted amount of rainfall in the Silesian voivodship is 30-45 litres per square metre. The most difficult situation in the Zywiecki region is in the Rajcza, Milówka and Slemień communes. Every second about 900 cubic metres of water flow into the Żywieckie Lake. The heaviest downpour was noted in Koniakowo, where during 10 hours 99 litres of water fell per square metre. The police have closed down several stretches of road because of flooding.

ROMANIA & AUSTRIA - Floods following stormy weather have inundated houses and roads in eastern Romania, causing 7 deaths and prompting nearly 1,400 people to evacuate their homes. Five people were reported dead on Thursday, and two more on Friday. More than 1,000 houses have been flooded after days of heavy rain in eastern Romania. Traffic resumed on main roads Friday, but smaller country roads were still waterlogged. The floods hit four counties and caused flooding in 47 towns and villages. Worst hit was the town of Tecuci. Flooding also affected Austria, where authorities issued flood warnings in the country's north and west on Friday after the Danube River and other waterways burst their banks. In Lower Austria province, the Danube's water LEVELS REACHED A 20-YEAR HIGH, and officials were asking some residents in low-lying towns near the border with Slovakia to leave their homes and move to higher ground as a precaution.
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