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Schwarzenegger, Gore Seek Climate Action

Both Will Speak at U.N. Climate Summit
"Arnie" and "Al," Republican and Democrat, shared the world spotlight to press for climate action, adding a touch of star quality to the staid proceedings of a U.N. summit.

The two headliners, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Vice President Al Gore, also highlighted by their presence President Bush's absence from the eight hours of high-level speechmaking Monday on what to do about global warming.

Bush, who did take part later in a small, private U.N. dinner with key players on climate, rejects the idea of international treaty obligations to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse gases" blamed for global warming _ an idea central to U.N. climate negotiations.

The Republican Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, has taken the lead on emissions caps at the state level, signing legislation mandating such reductions in California.

"One responsibility we all have is action. Action, action, action," the former Hollywood action star said as he helped open the summit, winning warm applause from the assembled presidents and premiers.

The Democrat Gore _ a Hollywood figure himself as the lead in the Oscar-winning climate documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" _ took his star turn at a summit luncheon, where he cited a lengthening list of global warming's impacts, from the shrinking Arctic ice cap to disappearing lakes in Africa.

"The need to act is now," Gore told delegates to the one-day summit, which drew more than 80 world leaders. "We need a mandate at Bali."

He was referring the annual U.N. climate treaty conference, scheduled for December in Bali, Indonesia, where the Europeans and others hope to initiate talks for an emissions-reduction agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol in 2012.

Global Warming and Climate Change join hands

It seems the climate skeptics just don't get the message when it comes to global warming and climate change. Maybe these few unconvinced individuals have some ulterior (financial)motive for their stubbornness. Maybe they are being paid off by the oil conglomerates, or just simply trying to push a book which disputes the claims behind global warming. Whatever the motive may be, these folks are confusing the irrefutable facts in order to gain notoriety with the public.

Yesterday, one such individual who operates a web site and weekly newsletter and has a book out disputing the facts behind global warming ( I will not disclose his name or locale), is one of those individuals out to gain fortune and fame with their fabrications and story telling.

It seems that a number of folks were quite concerned about the climate conditions in Great Britain these days, giving the extreme events that have transpired this past summer, most notably the unprecedented destructive floods, seasons which arrive way to early (as has already been reported by the media) and the most recent devastating tornadoes.

This Climate Skeptic as is always his argument, would have us believe that these dramatic weather events, unparalleled in our time, are just climate phenomena and not linked to global warming. He even goes as far as to say that the catastrophic events we are witnessing across the globe are not commonplace.

Whenever there is an ulterior motive involved, like selling a book or making financial gain by twisting the truth, you can rest assured you will find the Climate Skeptics. Their fraudulent claims that "All is well" on Earth, is not and will not settle well with the general public. Those individuals who can think for themselves, don't need convincing from self-righteous skeptics, with ulterior motives in mind.

Steve Shaman
Skywatch-Media News
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