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S Asia flood devastation worsens

South Asia

The number of people made homeless by flooding in north-east India and Bangladesh has risen to some 1.5 million, officials say.

India's Assam state is suffering its third wave of floods this year, caused by heavy rains over the past four days.

The army has evacuated 800,000 people as the Brahmaputra rive and its tributaries flow at danger levels.

Downstream in Bangladesh, officials say half a million people are affected and many have been moved to safer places.

'Worst floods'

In Assam state, thousands of village homes, bridges, electricity poles and telecommunication towers have been washed away by the flooded rivers and 13 people have died.

The national highway that connects Assam - and all other northeast Indian states - to the rest of the country is under several feet of water in more than 10 places.

Thousands of trucks carrying essential supplies and buses carrying passengers are stuck on the highway .

"These are the worst floods this year. The losses are huge," Assam government spokesman Dinesh Deka said.

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