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Peru Meteor: State Of Emergency Could be Declared

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Meteor Crash

Authorities are considering placing the town of Carancas, Puno, Peru in a state of emergency

(LIP-ir) -- Puno, Peru's Regional Health Directorate reported yesterday that doctors and nurses found it necessary to establish auxiliary medical tents near the health center in Carancas.

The medical tents were established so as to aid the rising number of people reporting to be sick after a meteorite landed in the area on Saturday afternoon.

According to Peru's La Republica newspaper, due to the high number of illnesses, district authorities are considering placing the town of Carancas, Puno, Peru in a state of emergency. It has been reported that at least 600 people have been affected by the meteorite.


Peruvian Meteorite Causes Mystery Plague

(LaRepublica) "Peru's Government News Agency reported yesterday that at least seven police officers were affected after they collected samples from the landing site of what is thought to be meteorite.

It was reported that a glowing object fell from the sky and crashed in the town of Carancas, located in the Region of Puno, Peru.
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