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JUST IN: Climate change melting Kashmir glaciers


Himalayan glaciers are melting fast in Indian Kashmir as a result of global warming, without due attention paid to the issue in recent years.

A report by Action Aid entitled "On the Brink?" called for urgent cuts greenhouse gas emissions to help save the region's fragile environment.

Himalayan glaciers are the headwaters for Asia's nine largest rivers, crucial for the 1.3 billion people who live downstream. The melting glaciers could endanger water supplies for hundreds of millions of people, the report said.

"Emission of greenhouse gases is the biggest threat to Kashmir's ecology and environment," said Arjimand alib, head of Action Aid's Kashmir chapter, releasing the report in Srinagar, summer capital of the revolt-hit region.

"Many of the areas have seen a complete disappearance of small glaciers. In other areas, the height of the small glaciers has reduced to over one-fourth of the original height," the 28-page report from the non governmental group warned.

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