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Hurricane Felix Devastates Nicaragua & Honduras

Civil workers and soldiers asked residents of a high-risk neighborhood in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, to evacuate on Tuesday

The New York Times Online
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, Sept. 4 — Even as Hurricane Felix smashed ashore in northern Nicaragua on Tuesday and began inundating the adjacent Honduran countryside, it was an earlier storm, the devastating Hurricane Mitch of 1998, that haunted Hondurans.
On Tuesday, Felix destroyed homes, flooded low-lying areas and caused thousands to flee for their safety. But Mitch lingered for a week over Central America, ripping off roofs, washing out bridges and causing such flooding that mountainsides collapsed, burying whole villages. An estimated 11,000 people died.

Photo Above: A man in Honduras listened to the radio as Hurricane Felix began a potentially deadly march across the country.

Felix has already made history. It was the second Category 5 storm to rake the Caribbean coast this year, after Hurricane Dean — the first time two Category 5 Atlantic storms have made landfall during the same year, experts said.

And the National Hurricane Center in Miami said that Felix and another hurricane, Henriette, which simultaneously hit the southern tip of Baja California in Mexico, became the first Atlantic and Pacific hurricanes to make landfall on the same day since the center began keeping records half a century ago, The Associated Press reported.

Then Tropical Storm Henriette approaches Baja on August 31, 2007

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