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Has tornado season arrived in UK?

Image Above: Birmingham, England on Sept 23, 2007

"I would not be surprised if we see more of these kind of extreme events" Dr Terrence Meaden, deputy head of tornado research group Torro

ONE person who saw it described it as "like something out of the Wizard
of Oz". The towering vortex of air which ripped roofs off homes and factories was one of at least five tornadoes which hit the UK on September 23.
Monday, as firemen picked their way through wreckage caused by a tornado for a third year in a row, it was time to ask experts in extreme weather whether Britain is now experiencing an annual "tornado season". The towering vortex of air ripped roofs off homes and factories and was one of at least five tornadoes which hit the UK Monday. The twisters struck less than a year after a 100mph tornado in London reduced houses in Kensal Rise to rubble. The previous autumn, two whirlwinds in Birmingham destroyed hundreds of homes, hospitalised 39 people and caused millions of pounds worth of damage. Reports suggested that as many as 11 twisters formed separately as a cold front moved north-east across England. Residents reported hearing "horrendous" noises as violent winds tore down trees, pulled off roofs, knocked off chimney pots and, in one case, overturned a caravan. "It's nothing uncommon now to hear of a tornado damaging a roof, whereas 20 years ago it was a very rare event indeed."

Is British Weather Becoming Extreme?

Yesterday I wrote some comments (From the Editor's Desk)regarding this ridiculous notion being made by Climate Skeptics, that there is absolutely no correlation between extreme weather and global warming. Even more absurd is the doubters notion that the horrific tornadoes are not becoming commonplace in Britain.

According to recorded records, this is the 3rd year in a row that Britain has suffered severe destruction as a direct result of tornado activity. In addition, let's not forget this past summer's cataclysmic floods that inundated much of the U.K. With this disaster being dubbed "The worst floods in living memory," It could be that extreme weather is becoming the norm in Britain and elsewhere.

The skeptics will tell you this is a "once in a lifetime event." If we are to believe this, then I suppose we also have to say that the African floods that have spread across 22 countries on that continent is also a "one time" event. Should we also tell the people of India that the biblical flooding in their country is a "one time" event. The list goes on, but these are just a few of so many disastrous events in just this year alone.

It's time to be honest with ourselves and with all people. Extreme weather is becoming Commonplace,not just in Britain, but across this globe. To say otherwise, is deceiving in its very nature, and will do nothing to help resolve the problem at hand. Climatologists and meteorologists need to carry the torch when it comes to educating the general public about global warming and climate change. Telling the public that their is no correlation between the extreme weather and the rise in earth temperature (whatever the cause may be) is both hilarious and felonious at the same time.

The skeptics should take a page out of the history book, and make a concerted effort to get their facts straight, before venturing out on a crusade to deceive the general public.

Steve Shaman
Skywatch-Media News
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