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Glaciers Melting At Record Rates - So Fast They Are Causing Earthquakes

NBC Photo Scenes from Greenland

Sept. 2007

The Greenland ice sheet is melting so fast, that the giant kilometer long chunks of ice that are breaking off are actually causing earthquakes. People monitoring this situation say that the rate at which the ice is pouring water and ice into the ocean is much faster than the IPCC’s very conservative reports. It is becoming more and more apparent that the IPCC was hobbled in it’s (still dire) predictions by political considerations.

Some Greenland glaciers (like the one at Ilulissat) are now flowing three times faster into the sea than it was 10 years ago.

Robert Corell, chairman of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, said in Ilulissat yesterday: “We have seen a massive acceleration of the speed with which these glaciers are moving into the sea. The ice is moving at 2 metres an hour on a front 5km [3 miles] long and 1,500 metres deep. That means that this one glacier puts enough fresh water into the sea in one year to provide drinking water for a city the size of London for a year.”

If Greenland where to melt completely it contains enough water to raise worldwide sea levels by over 21 feet. Scientists on the scene say that the estimates of sea level rise in the IPCC report were based on data two years old. The predicted rise this century was 20-60cm (about 8-24ins) , but with current levels of melting that estimate when viewed with facts on the ground would be at the upper end of the minimum. They think that it could be two metres (6 feet). Two feet, 6 feet, you know whats the difference. Well a 6 foot rise would be absolutely catastrophic for millions of coastal residents world wide.


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The Greenland Meltdown
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