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The Doomsday Comet Prophecy

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Today's broadcast on the Earth Frenzy Radio Show, contained the audio podcast of the "Doomsday Comet Prophecy" as spoken by the "Seer of Bayside" Veronica Lueken, at the 24th Anniversary of Our Lady’s Appearance at Bayside - June 18,1994.

The following are excerpts of the messages about the coming doomsday comet which Our Lady calls the Ball of Redemption. These messages are apocalyptic in nature and can be disconcerting to some. Parents, please use discretion if reading these messages or discussing them in the presence of children or teenagers. Please refer also to the Book of Revelations in any New Testament Bible printed prior to 1964.It should be noted in the below messages the urgent recommendations from Our Lady to store food, water, blankets and blessed candles as well as placing a crucifix upon the outside of each door to your residence.

Original, 1975 Transcript

made available by Our Lady of the Roses.

1994 Transcript from Bayside, N.Y.

You may listen to the 1994 audio podcast by clicking on the Blog Talk Radio button, located on the right sidebar of this website.

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