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Desperate need for action on climate change

Andrew Hamilton, who restored a family-owned Warwickshire watermill to its former glory, tells how it was twice afflicted by flood waters, urges world leaders to unite and act now on climate change. Image: The mill today (top) and when it flooded in 1998

"The river was by now a massive angry swathe of dirty brown water, hurling flotsam and jetsam at everything that stood in its way.

It was washing away railings, footpaths and a wooden bridge that snapped and crashed into the swirling whirlpool below.

At 3.30 pm the mill's retaining wall finally submitted to the thunderous torrent".

That moment, recorded in my diary for 8 April 1998, confirmed my view that global warming was no longer a matter for conjecture, but an indisputable fact.
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