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Mangroves move inland as seas rise

Adapting to the damaging effects of climate change, plants are gradually moving to where temperatures are cooler, rainfall is greater, f...


Astounding blow to the climate denial industry.

From the Editor's Desk
Another climate skeptic has been exposed for deceit and cover up. This time the culprit is Pat Michaels who depends mostly on income he receives from a firm called "New Hope Environmental Services, Inc.
Huge kudos to Kert Davies and Greenpeace for their effort in this latest astounding blow to the climate denial industry and these frauds.

Climate Skeptic Pat Michaels refuses court request to disclose funding sources/ Full Story & Court Documents

Why can't the climate skeptics answer these simple questions:
1. What Color is the Polar Bear?
2. Where is the Polar Bear?
3. Does the Polar Bear Exist?
4. Where is the Eskimo?
5. Does the Eskimo Exist?
6. Where is the Arctic?
7. Does the Arctic Exist?

Here's a clue

It seems they may be just a bit confused these days.

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